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Solo Travel in Morocco: Useful Guide with 9 Tips for staying safe

Morocco attracts all kinds of travelers: solo, couples, groups of friends, groups of families, luxury seekers, VIP travelers, and budget travelers. Here’s our guide for solo travel in morocco If you’re thinking of traveling to Morocco solo, you’re in for a treat! This North African country is full of culture, history, and natural beauty. From […]

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Fez private day trips

Fez private day trips Fez City Tour offers Fez private day trips you can have a tour of Fes led by an experienced guide who speaks many languages English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Fez City Tour  also offers wonderful opportunities  to explore other important sites in the region with Fes private day trips  such as:  Best […]

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Fez school cooking

Fez school cooking Fez school cooking is one of the excellent activities in Fez city to discover the gastronomic city of Morocco. We invite anyone from Morocco or outside to consist of cooking class to share her/his passion and secrets in a warm atmosphere. In Fez cooking class visitor to Fes learn how to cook […]

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Moroccan handicraft

Moroccan Handicraft

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