Amazing Moroccan Food: Must Try in Morocco!

Moroccan Food

If you are planning for a Morocco travel, vacation, or business. You should keep in mind that you are in for a gastronomical treat because Moroccan Food lists the best cuisines in the world.

For that, we choose 5 famous Moroccan food you must try to seek out in restaurants and in Moroccan homes or during Morocco Gastronomy Tours or Moroccan food tour.

1- Couscous best Moroccan Food :

Prepared almost every Friday in the majority of Moroccan houses by Chicken, beef, or lamb is stewed along with a variety of vegetables, steamed couscous grains.

2– Tagine famous Moroccan Food :

A popular Moroccan food. Takes its name from the ceramic cooked in, comes with vegetables, spices, and meat arranged in conical fashion.

Moroccan Food

Moroccan Food

3– Beef with Prunes and Almonds:

An excellent combination of sweet and savory, the meat is cooked until tender with onions, tomatoes, ginger, salt, and sometimes Safran then topped with prunes with cinnamon and honey, Crunchy fried almonds serve as a garnish on the top.

4- Kafta :

(Beef or Lamb), shaped and then grilled or pan-fried with salt, cumin, paprika, onions, tomatoes, and herbs, sometimes come with eggs!

5- Harira:

It’s a tomato-based soup laden with lentils and chickpeas. Rice or fine broken noodles added as well, while the stock usually made with beef. Highest consumed in Ramadan!

In conclusion, The influences of the different cultures present in the country and make Moroccan Food , or cuisine one of the richest in the world. To enjoy the best Moroccan Food you can book with Fez City TourTop Gastronomic Tours for Foodies: Foodie street Tasting tour, Morocco Cooking Class.

Moroccan Food Tour

Moroccan Food Tour

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